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Best Ways to Stop Customer Attrition

If you have a business such as tow truck sterling va, you will always have to deal with issues such as churn. One of the biggest challenges marketers have to deal with is generating traffic and leads. Customer churn refers to the percentage of customers that end the use of a company’s products or services during a specific time. It is normally calculated by dividing the number of customers you have lost within a certain time. Customer churn or attrition refers to the rate at which customers who purchased or subscribed to your products and services end up relating with a business.

Here are some causes of customer churn


Price is one of the common objections of salespeople and customer success managers. If a customer finds a more cost-effective solution they want to solve, they will churn. It is very important to establish value and customer onboarding and education so that customers can have a feeling the purchase they are making is worth it.

Product or market fit

Poor product or market fit is one of the most common reasons customers churn. If salespeople are just rushing to meet sales numbers and they are not keen to ensure the product they are bringing to their customers is fit for the market, customers will without a doubt churn. When customers realize they can’t achieve their goals with the products you are offering them, they will go somewhere else.

User Experience

If a user experience with a product or service is not as good as customers wanted it to be, they will surely ditch using your application. Additionally, customers are looking forward to getting the best experience from a company. Customers want to feel valued and welcomed and you should aspire to ensure they are part of what you do.

If you are looking forward to reducing customer churn, here are some of the ways you can go about it.

Lean into your best customers

For most businesses, solving churn means identifying a pool of customers that are most likely to cancel, and refuse all your efforts to keep up with your business.  Rather than redirecting time and resources and retaining any customer on the brink of churning, it is recommended that businesses should their attention to the most profitable customers who are on the brink of churning.

Be proactive with communication

By reaching out to customers before they need you, you will have demonstrated that you have invested enough in helping them get the best of your products and services. You also need to understand that not every outreach will do. The type of message and resources you need should be directly tied to products and services.

If you have new customers, you must define a roadmap for them. Getting started with new products and services can be quite overwhelming. If a customer can’t figure out how to navigate your products and services, you need to come with a roadmap that guides you on how to use your products and services.

Important Social Media Metrics You Should Be Tracking

When running any business such as carpet cleaning and operating its blog or website with attached social channels, it is important to get all metrics right. Getting your data and ROI in order is very important. There is a list of social media metrics that are important to track so that you don’t miss out on important numbers that would be of much help to you. These metrics give you insights into customers, how to track ROI, improve your brand presence, and make your customers happier.

Here are some of the important metrics you should consider;

Audience growth rate

To measure the growth rate of your audience, you would begin by selecting the period you want to track. Calculate your new followers over a specific period. After that, you will need to divide your new followers by the total followers. It is important to track this metric because it helps you understand the popularity of your channel as well as the rate of its growth.

Social share voice

With this metric, you are interested in understanding how many people are talking about your brand on social media. Your social share voice measures this data and shows you how visible your brand is on social media. You must find these numbers as they will let you know whether you need to update your social strategy or not. To calculate this metric, you will need to measure the mentions across your social networks. With a social media analytics tool, getting this metric is pretty simple.


You must have a track of the keywords as having this track can help in growing your social share of voice and audience growth rate. Keywords are those certain words that search engines identify and target based on what the audience is searching. Any marketer knows the importance of tracking keywords and ensuring they rank in all keywords under tracking. When you track keywords, you can optimize your content to rank higher on search engines and grow your audience as well.

Customer response rate

Customers love to engage with brands on social media. Whether they are asking your customer service teams questions of leaving business reviews, customers will always find a way to engage with you. Ensure you are responding to all customer issues and have their queries answered. To track how good, you are doing, you need to check your customer response rate. To calculate the response rate, divide the number of responses you give to your customers by the number of people who engaged with your brand, and multiply by 100 to get the percentage.

Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is made up of the number of visitors to your website that takes the desired action. The desired action might mean completing a purchase, completing signing up a form, downloading an eBook among the rest. Conversion rates are important in showing how relevant your content is to your audience. To calculate the conversion rate, start by ensuring your call to action link is trackable. You can achieve that with URL shorteners such as Bitly.

How to Build the Best Music System for Your Car


speakersAre you looking forward to building an impressive car audio system that meets your specific needs? To come up with a complete audio system is a tall order. It can be a challenging process because various components including speakers need to be specially designed to meet the specific needs.  Just like home audio, car speakers are an essential part of car audio systems. To have a car audio system, you need to make a keen choice of speaker type, shape, size, mounting location and power requirements.

In this guide, we are going to look at aspects that need to play into place, if you are looking forward to having an impressive car audio system.

Determine What You Need

You need to figure out what you need. However, determining what you need is the most challenging part of the whole process. Deciding what you need depends on your expectations. You might be looking forward to having a system that makes you feel like you are in the midst of a concert, or even one that makes you feel relaxed. Some people, especially the young car owners prefer a big bass while others are just okay with a medium one. Starting the whole car audio modification process with a goal in mind is very important to achieving your preferences.

Pick Your Speakers

Your speakers will form the foundation of the whole sound system. All the other sound components will be fixed in the car to support your speakers. In the market, there are different models to choose from. Take your time to research on the ones that would fit best your purpose. Some of the leading brands on the market include Pioneer, JBL. Polk Audio, Kenwood among others. One of the best ways to getting the best speakers for you is through reading reviews and asking for clarifications from audio experts. When making a choice on which speakers to choose, be guided by the build materials, power handling, RMS sensitivity, frequency range and impendence.

Select the Receivers

Now that you have researched and found the best speakers for your car audio system, its time to choose the head unit. For the receivers, make a choice based on the features they have. Look at aspects such as Bluetooth compatibility, satellite radio availability, HD Radio, steering wheel control compatibility among others. Additionally, select the component speakers. These are separate crossovers and tweeters that produce outstanding sound. Finally, choose the multiple channel amplifier that best works for you.