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Signs Your Business Is Growing Too Fast

leaderAs most of you know, getting a small business up and running is a major challenge to many. Businesses such as have endured a lot to grow to the level they are today. Many small businesses struggle to survive their first two years. A business that is growing too fast can also be disastrous as a lot of things may go wrong. Stats from the US small business Administration show that 30 percent of small businesses have to shut their doors within the first two years after establishing. When you are growing at a pace you can’t keep up with, many things may go wrong.

There are many signs you can watch and things to look for as telltale signs that your business is growing too fast. Here is what to look for;

 Cash flow crunch

One of the first signs you need to look for as a sign of unsustainable growth is clogged cash flow. While there might be a high demand for products and services, cash flow may be lagging. A cash flow crunch will create a host of other problems and issues that concern business. Cash flow is one of the major problems businesses face today. You might be having multiple outstanding invoices, and when unpaid invoices stack up, its bad for business. You might have missed payments with vendors and suppliers and have an overall messy financial system.

 Compromised customer service

The second sign that your business is outpacing your ability to keep up with demand is when you start experiencing compromised customer service. There will be a high demand and you will have problems keeping up with the demands of customers that guarantee high customer service. When you have a very thin spread of customer service staff, you will be creating a recipe for chaos. More than half of customers will ditch working with a company after bad customer experience. You can deal with high demands for customer service by outsourcing some of your tasks.

 Hiring the wrong employees.

When your business is growing, it is common sense that your team should expand. Hiring new talent can help you solve some of the big problems you might be facing. When your business is growing too fast, you might be tempted to hire anyone who comes to your side. Hiring without a plan will lead to hiring the wrong candidates. Wrong employees hiring will lead to poor service delivery, a lot of resources will be lost and ultimately, it will lead to high turnovers.

 Everything is urgent and important.

In a fast-growing business, your time and resources will be very much limited. Very important tasks may lag or lack of time for their delivery. No matter how much overtime you and your team put, you will not be able to clear workload. Even those tasks that don’t need to get done immediately will be pushed back to the drawing board. All your tasks then become urgent and important and this is where you start to go wrong. If you cannot get ahead of your projects, it will cause your team to miss deadlines and will eat into your profits.

Ways to Add Value to Your Business

motivateIn everything you do, you should aspire to add value. Suppose you are running tow truck business and want to add value to clients you serve. How do you go about it? You simply need to look for different ways you can add value to the products and services you provide. We are in a highly competitive market and everyone is offering the same products. To stand out in front of a crowd, you have to offer more than what others are offering.  To add more value to your business, work on the following aspects;

Offer better quality to your customers

The first thing you need in the process of adding more value to your business is to add more value on the products and services you offer is to ensure they are of better quality than your competitors, and having these at same pricing or even a better one. Quality defines how your customers perceive and value your products and services. The value added is directly related to the quality of your services or products. You need to find what your customers want and give them that, faster than how your competitors can do it.


Increase your delivery speed

You can add more value to your business if you increase the delivery speed or shorten the delivery time. There is a direct correlation between the speed for service or product delivery and the value you offer. When someone decides to buy something from you, they are expecting to get it immediately without delay. Delivery speed is an integral essential part to offering customer satisfaction. When you increase delivery speed, you set yourself as a reliable person who can give customers what they want efficiently.


Provide additional expert advice to your customers

Your total offer is more than your services and products. You can add more value to your business if you provide expert advice to your customers that will enable them use your products or services efficiently. If you want to deliver real value, provide some form of advice that is higher and more valuable than what your competitors have to offer.  You need to start teaching your customers how to get things done. If you are a true entrepreneur, irrespective of what you do, you have to teach your customers how to do things, they need to know how. Doing so will help you build extraordinary customer service that will increase the value with which they perceive your business.


How to Keep Employees Motivated

leadershipIn today’s competitive business environment, motivating and retaining your company’s top talent is very important to survival. In most cases, the most apparent motivating factor for employee’s better performance is higher pay. This is because everyone responds positively to recognition and praise, as this is evident from the testimonies Hialeah Tow Truck staff give on matters employee motivation. A motivated workforce will make a unique difference when it comes to meeting any business objective.

Every company needs to find ways to keep their employees motivated and put in their best efforts. If you want to keep your employees motivated, you need to encourage them to be involved in your business and participate in various tasks. When employees feel respected for their skills and talents, they become more motivated. Here are other tips to keep them always motivated.

Provide a supportive leadership

Leadership is one of the main factors in employee motivation. With a supportive leadership, those on top tend to work closely with employees. If you trust your employees and listen to them, it will keep them always motivated. Additionally, it will also drive them to develop new skills as they equip themselves to deal with different tasks and challenges you give them. Good leaders act as role models and their expectations influence how employees perform.

Make your business pleasant

No one wants to stick to a slow market for all business hours in a day. The first motivation to employees’ performance is ensuring that your business is pleasant and fun to be involved in. Have a peaceful working environment that motivates employees to come and work. Keep things clean and looking in a friendly way, by updating office equipment and working space.

Empower Employees

leaderEvery employee needs to know that they are valued in the various roles they play in the company. No one wants to feel faceless and undervalued. You should ensure all members of your workforce are given equal opportunities to express themselves. Encourage your employees to speak out and display their aspirational personal items. In their various routine tasks, make it easier for them to deliver as well as appreciating their little efforts.

Schedule regular meetings

It is essential that every member of your team feel involved in the success and progress of your company. Weekly team meetings present an excellent way for members to share company news as well as keeping everyone motivated. These meetings are also critical in encouraging a collaborative and creative idea sharing moment. Ensure that you update each member on the agenda of the meeting so that they can have time to prepare and contribute to a more meaningful discussion. In these meetings, ensure everyone feels listened to, with his or her ideas taken on board.

Do not over-criticize

Constructive feedback is very critical for personal growth. However, persistent negative feedback will only make your team less motivated and more resentful afterward. For every negative criticism, ensure that you include a solution and a clear path on how employees should pick themselves up after that. Along with these negatives, include some positives so that these feedbacks do not sound like an attack.




What to Consider When Building a Home Theater

home theatreAre you looking forward to building a theater room in your home? A kind of place where your friends and family can sit with large bowls of popcorn and enjoy the last seasons from Netflix. This guide is prepared specially for you. We all love movies due to the various benefits they bring to us. When soaring prices of movie tickets become high, coupled with a lot of inconveniences traversing the streets, one the best thing you can do it to have your home theater.

More people are investing in home theaters.  When we talk about home theaters, the majority of people think about large screens and plenty of sitting space in their mansions. But that is not always the case. If you want to join this group of people, there are a couple of things you have to get right.

Be Informed

Do not buy things that you are not sure about. It can be tempting to walk to the nearest retail store and buy all the components they have for a home theater. Do not purchase uninformed, ensure that you do your research to buy that equipment that only serves your purpose.

Do Not Over budget

When shopping for home theater components, it can be straightforward to go way beyond the budget. There are a lot of products labeled as best products all with the aim of draining your pockets. When shopping for these products, you can splurge on features such as power, size, and performance and save a lot in the end.

Avoid Easy Way Out

BudgetOnce your home theater has been built, you want it to last for long, a couple of years and even decades. This can only happen if you let those building your room do a decent job. Avoid rushing for easy DIY packages that may save you money during the installation process, but make you suffer in the more extended run. You may gain in ease of installation but suffer in quality.

Seating Arrangements

Pay a close look at the seating arrangements, as you should not ignore them. Many people who build home theaters put a lot of focus on speakers and television and ignore giving friends a family a great view. Sitting arrangement can make a significant difference when it comes to the viewing experience. Note that more seats do not mean a better viewing experience. Put into consideration issues such as a ceiling, screen height, room size all with the aim of producing an optimal viewing experience.

Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service

FriendlyIf you want to create loyal customers for life, ensure you have excellent services. Loyal customers are perfect customers as they are willing to refer your business to friends, colleagues, and family.  However, getting loyal customers starts by providing excellent customer services. You must have a genuine desire to delight your customers by thinking beyond selling your products and services to them.

Here are important and effortless ways you can use to create customer loyalty as well as excellent customer services.

Know your products and services

To provide excellent customer services, you need first to know what you are selling very well. Ensure all your staff understands the products in and out as they face your customers. Beware of the most commonly asked questions and have answers to these questions from the onset. Know how to give answers that will leave them satisfied.

Be Friendly

Excellent customer service starts with a smile. When coming face to face meeting with customers, ensure that you give them a warm greeting before you can ask them what they would like you to help them with. At any given time, express gratitude by saying thank you.

How Respect

It is essential to ensure that you and your staff are handling customers with a great deal of courtesy and respect. Do not at any given time let your emotions overtake your desire. Always ensure that customers leave your premises happy.

Attentive Listening

Listening attentively is one of the simplest yet greatest secrets to achieving customer service. Listening involves hearing out loud what your customers are saying. Listening also involves nonverbal communication. Watch any signs of displeasure they may have and listen to what they say directly.

Fix Mistakes

Whenever mistakes happen, you should take responsibility, and own up sufficiently to avoid getting a bad reputation. When it comes to customer service, transparency is essential. Many are times staff arrive at a crossroad with customers, and business owners fail to acknowledge mistakes done by their staff. Always strive to achieve a high-quality output to the highest standard levels.

Consistent Experience

Always aspire to provide excellent customer experience at all times, 24/7. It doesn’t mean that if today you offered an excellent customer service, such service can be used as a substitute for a substandard service that you offer the following day. Always exceed expectations at all times. If you value your business and your customers, try to provide consistent quality services by thinking long term.